About Us

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Mission and Values

The way we make a discernible difference is to be passionate about the services our company provides. Our business is built on very basic, but important values that permeate all of our activities. We are not simply a payroll software and services company. We are a company committed to the people we serve, the employees who serve them and the business associates who assist us in our work.

Our company values are:

  • Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty

  • Fair and Honorable treatment for all employees, clients and business associates

  • Every employee is an entrepreneur

Every employee is empowered to do the Right Things…Right.

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Meet Our Team

PayMasterPro prides itself on the high caliber of it’s employees.  Not only do our people have strong technical skills, they are equally strong in customer service.  Our customers can depend on a professional and knowledgeable team member every time.

Ted Theodore


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PayMasterPro and its affiliates are committed to “giving back” to the communities and industries we serve. Through many and varied charitable and educational programs we continue to provide financial and manpower support and guidance.

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