PayMaster Update

Updating PayMaster is actually very straightforward. However, there are a few
“gotchas” and some things that are good to know. You can look at it as
a three part process:

1. Download the update file from the website. Download Page
Select the file to download by clicking on the file name. (The name should be
included in the update notification email.) Once selected just click the
download button. In a perfect world it goes into your download folder. Sometimes
your browser will ask for confirmation. Say yes.

2. Install the files. It is very important that PayMaster is closed at this
point or the update won’t compleate. Be sure nobody is in it.
Be sure you know where your PayMaster directory is. If you’re not sure then
right click the PayMaster icon on your desktop. Select Properties from the
pop up menu and look at “Start in” part way down. That is the PayMaster
directory. (Usually it’s in C:\PRV8)

We’re ready to rip!

Find the file you downloaded (It’s probable in downloads).
You can run it by either double clicking or by right clicking it and selecting
“Run as Administrator.” Continue past the opening screen and look for the path
to install. Make sure it’s the same as the one you found in the icon properties
from above. If not, change it. The installer will ask if you want to overwrite files. Just say Yes, or better yet, say Yes to all. If all went well the installer will exit. If there was a problem the installer will tell you. You can check your work by starting PayMaster and going to Reports->W2. Mouse over either Alignment or printing. Either one will do. The year to print should appear.

Now close PayMaster.

3. Update the tax tables. The trick here is to run PayMaster as administrator.
(Right click the icon, select Run as administrator)
Log in and go to Utilities from the top menu. Click Apply SQL Patches.
At the bottom left listbox select the file to use. (It should be in the email.)
Click it once. The bottom right listbox has a list of companies. The one
you logged in should be checked off. If you have more than one company you
can check them too. Don’t check pysys. Now click the Update button and wait
the process to finish. Close the patch window. Find PayMaster on the bottom
left of your desktop and restore it.