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Paymaster V8 Detailed Features
Tax Returns & Reporting
True Multi-State Reporting
Tax Tables
General Ledger
Data Collection
Pinpoint Calculations


Automatically handles:

  • credit card charge backs

  • tip allocation by hours or receipts

  • tip credit on regular and overtime hours

  • business tax credit on tips

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  • pinpoint calculations of up to three decimal points

  • tax tables available for all state and local governments

  • provides for unlimited additional income types and miscellaneous

  • check printing for all types of printers in single or batch

  • makes adjustments such as voiding checks or running select
    checks while automatically updating all files

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  • prepares tax returns and reports in the required formats (hard
    copy, scannable or MagMedia)

  • maintains detailed records, unlimited check history and a complete
    audit trail

  • accommodates and tracks both organizational structures and
    multiple cost centers

  • general ledger interface with accrual figures for reversing

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Paymaster V8 Detailed Features

Tax Returns & Reporting

  • Prints reports for tax credit for FICA taxes on tips.

  • Prints 941, 940, Federal Tax Deposits.

  • Prints W-2s, state unemployment reports on plain paper.

  • Allows review of W-2s before year-end or before printing.

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True Multi-State Reporting

  • Supports Mag Media, scannable reports and special formats.

  • Computes obligations and deductions based on wages, hours,
    or calendar weeks.

  • Accommodates employees who work in more that one state, e.g.

  • Accommodates employees who move from one state to another,
    e.g. withholding.

  • Automatically assigns correct state ID to Mag Media and paper

  • Prints quarterly reports and allows adjustments for current
    or previous quarter.

  • Captures and reports workers’ compensation information by category.

  • Reconciles actual to calculated OASDI, Medicare, and SDI.

  • Prints form 8027 — Annual Information Return of Tip Income
    and Allocated Tips.

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Tax Tables

  • Includes federal tax tables and state/local tax tables

  • Makes available revised tax tables as often as the federal/state
    tax laws change.

  • When changes occur the they are included in AutoUpdate. Can also be defined/changed by the user.

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General Ledger

  • Prints payroll transaction report. Prepares file to be brought
    into CharterHouse and selected other General Ledger programs

  • Supports expense allocations by department.

  • Breaks out direct and indirect labor.

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Data Collection

  • Supports data collection through time clocks, smart cash registers,
    and batch manual entry with hash totals for data verifications.
    Interfaces available at additional cost for: Digital Dining,
    EAS, Kronos, Micros 2700, Micros 4700, NCR 22160, SDA and more.

  • Exports to a spreadsheet.

  • Prepares time cards and address labels.

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  • Calculates rates up to three decimal places.

  • Allows use of default earnings rate, per employee, for many
    positions, additional incomes and deductions, plus vacation/holiday
    and sick.

  • Features automatic pay option for salaried employees.

  • Allows weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly or monthly pay period
    by employee, with option to change for individuals during processing.

  • Supports many pay rates per employee.

  • Supports piece rates, commissions, bonuses, travel time, and
    shift differential.

  • Handles reported cash and charge tips, tip credit, and tip

  • Handles fringe benefits.

  • Calculates 401(k) tax requirements per state.

  • Accrues vacation and sick leave by the pay period or hour and
    tracks it as used.

  • Recalculates overtime pay rate as you give non-discretionary
    bonus or commission.

  • Allows different cost centers to be processed separately or

  • Calculates workers’ compensation report.

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