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PayMaster Hospitality

PayMaster Hospitality, an in-house payroll program, is currently used to prepare over 6 million payroll checks a year. PayMaster handles multi-state taxes, allows employees to have many different jobs (titles) at different rates and correctly calculates overtime and related calculations for tipped employees. The IRS has approved the tip handling capabilities of the PayMaster system. 

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PayMaster Hospitality is the right answer for your in-house payroll needs.  PayMaster Hospitality provides all of the standard features of payroll packages plus:

  • Makes automatic corrections to all returns and reports for
    any adjustments, including check voiding.

  • Allows job costing plus multi-location batch and individual data entry and check printing.

  • Calculates tips and overtime rates to three decimal places.

  • Interfaces to General Ledger, to and from Time & Attendance, and from HR.

  • Supports all deduction types.

  • Supports networks.

  • Prepares reports for all required government formats including
    Mag Media, scannable and special forms.

Updated In The Most Recent Release:

  • Greater reliability and stability

  • Modern database and reports can be run on any date range

  • Supports all Windows-compatible hardware

  • Tested and runs on Windows 9X, NT, 2000, Windows
    XP, Vista, 7 and 8

  • ODBC-compliant, native TCP/IP support

  • Easy installation on stand-alone and network environments

  • Multi-user (up to 100 concurrent users)

  • Integrates with popular POS (Point of Sale) systems

  • Unlimited jobs, deductions and additional incomes

  • Handles J1 Visa Tax Status