Comparison Grid


Paymaster Hospitality VS. Outsourcing services and other software

Paymaster Hospitality is a top of the line payroll software that can and should be used In-House.

Why do payroll in-house?

  • You prepare and process all of your information before you send all of your hard work to an outsource provider anyway, Why not save up to 50% by printing the checks in house?
  • Paymaster Hospitality offers world-class customer support and the most recently updated tax tables.
  • Paymaster Hospitality allows you to have all of your payroll information at reach, easily accessible whenever you need it because we understand that problems and conflicts do arise. Being able to check reports and tax information at the drop of a dime is a must have in the payroll industry.
  • No-One else has your data but you. Paymaster Hospitality is secure, and you dont have to worry about your employee information passing through any unnecessary hands.



Please see the grid below, as it is a list of points that set us apart from our competitors:


How we compare:

Issue PayMaster Hospitality ADP Solomon Compeat QuickBooks
Handles weighted average OT for the tipped waiter
yes as an extra module and cost as an extra module and cost yes no
Does the 8846 FICA Credit Report and other tip
reports such as 8027 allocation report
yes as an extra module and cost as an extra module and cost yes no
Control of your payroll yes no no yes yes
Multi-user environment


unlimited users

n/a n/a yes yes, at an extra cost per license
Over 30 years experience in Hospitality Payroll
yes no no no no
Imports from POS yes yes yes yes yes
Inherently handles J1Visa tax status yes yes yes yes no
Handles garnishments with common templated settings yes no no yes no
Exports to GL software yes yes yes yes yes
ROI – less than $1 per check in-house yes no no depends on quantity of employees yes
Saves time with quick entry batch screen yes no no yes no
Tech support are the programmers of the software
with high-level tax experience
yes no no no no
Easy access to tech support yes no no yes no
Module to backup and send to tech support for
questions and off-site backup
yes no no no no
Only the payroll system, do not have to purchase an
entire accounting system.
yes yes yes no no