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Spotlight on NDSS, Inc. in Savannah GA.
Spotlight on Brookside Restaurant and Gift Shop.
Spotlight on Louise.
Paymaster 7.28.
Mag Media quarterly reports.
Spotlight on National Coney Island.
W-2 form information.
Convert Paymaster reports to PDF files.
Interface from Squirrel to PayMaster.
Spotlight on Big Texan.
W-2 form information.
Spotlight on University of Maryland’s Student Affairs division.
Spotlight on Northland.
Y2K how to prepare your computer.
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W-2 form information.
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Process payroll in-house and interface from POS.
Pre-tax deductions and uncollected taxes and tips.
New quarterly reports for CA, MN, TX, and WY.
W-2 form information.
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PayMaster 7.2 updates.
Spotlight on Margaritaville in California.
W-2 tax forms.
Nine reasons to automate time and attendance.
Spotlight on Chicago for Ribs Inc.
PayMaster retail price list, credit for FICA on tips report.
Multi-division version, state unemployment wage base table.
Tip audit, Morrison vs. IRS, IRS tip reporting video and order form.
W-2 form information.
Minimum wage increase, Workers’ Comp screen.
Automatically bring hours, receipts and tips into PayMaster’s batch screen.
Uncollected taxes on tips.
Prevent tip audit, TRDA and TRAC programs, new forms.
W-2 forms information.
Two-way communications PayMaster and TTKS software, Kronos time clock.
CharterHouse enhancements and order form, employee screen showing Direct Deposit.
New, improved tip files, credit card charge back.
Paymaster Plus time clock.
MICROS interface to Paymaster.
W-2 forms information.
People-Trak performance review, attendance accruals, benefits and compensation history.
New hire report, Workers’ Comp report in check history.
Additional income, non-discretionary bonuses, regular bonuses, use of a company car on W-2.
Pre-check register totals page, showing total income, federal W-2 income, OASDI and Medicare taxable income.
Time America Stand Alone Clock, time card report, batch processing with hash totals.
YTD compensation report, 401(k), OASDI and Medicare reconciliation reports.
Paymaster version 6.0.
W-2 issue.
Save money with checks as low as $.04 each.